Monday, December 31, 2007

Our Interests

An Innovative Private Investment firm.

 Invested in a venture called

Media 2010 - Global Broadband Connections.
Media Goes Broadband and Shrinks the Globe to the size of a Marble.

 Investing myself to be an US Economic Development & Innovation Political Advisor to Federal & State Candidates & Officials

"An Innovative Time for Greatness".

My Political Economic Mission is Simple: To Uphold the First Written Promise by our Founding Fathers to the Commonwealth of the United States within the Declaration of Independence of July 4th 1776.

-- Fair Warning to China & the Far East... The Western Industrialized World will Innovate Beyond Your Reach-- Something Wonderful is about to Happen...

 Invested in a venture called LTA Logistics.
Technology That Will Change the World For Ever... Logistics for the 21st Century... and the Poison Pill for China & the Far East ;-)

Invested in a venture called "Excalibur Executive Coaching" to Transition Senior Executives in Achieving their Goals and their Place in Life.

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Invested in a venture called "BizBlogs" to provide an inexpensive publishing & advertising service for the small business sector.

 Invested in a venture called Gilligan's Choice.
The Uncommon Traveler's Resource for Non-National Chain travel options while cruising America's Highways & Byways from Hotels to Restaurants... We Encourage an Un-Chartered Course!

 Invested in a venture called
"Masters Classic Car Engineering"
to manufacture specialty-engineering products added value services for the global leisure automotive enthusiast marketplace.

 Invested in a venture called BizPorts.
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BizPorts are online professional portfolios that ease the time to closure for the job seeker, recruiter, & the decision maker.

 Investing in a restuarant chain venture called
Gordon's Grill & Steakhouse
, based on a "Cabin" theme using Weber Grills and Gordon Lightfoot's melodies to make for a very special dining experience targeted for Mountain Retreat areas and the retiring Baby-Boomer generation.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Innovative Ideas

  • Idea #253 Head-Off Global Economic Collapse scheduled for 2010: An Open Letter to US Comptroller General David Walker
    Dear David,

    It looks like Greenspan jumped ship over to the UK... maybe his 6th sense told him he was traveling on the wrong Ship of Fools-- like the Titanic,

    Full Letter

  • Idea #252 Central Broiler Company: Energy Independence for Remote & Rural Homeowners
    Dennis Brazier,
    Central Boiler, Founder

    I have very good friend of mine that has just recently bought 7 acres of Mountain property which he plans to build on eventually, but first he will be pulling in a trailer. I suggested that he consider your product to become more self-reliant -- he's interested and he wanted me to send your website link to study... which I have.

    Question: Why can't you upgrade the design to produce electricity as well --- just imagine the market size of geographical remote locations on that one! Plus, the current Fuel Crisis -- I smell opportunity.

    My Father is a retired Nuclear Electrical Engineer from TVA... if memory serves me correctly,

    There are (2) methods of power generation:

    o Hydraulics from Rivers & Lakes
    o Fossil Fuel Combustion

    The combustion method heats water into high pressure steam. The steam is forced by a turbine that in turn produces electricity. Why couldn't your product do the same? Forget expensive Solar Panels --- imagine allowing the customer to sale excess electricity to the local power company--- now, that's a WIN-WIN if I ever heard of one :p)


  • Idea #251 WSJ: Home Depot's Revenues increased by 25-35% after implementing PayPal like Service
    Hi Bob,

    Who's eBay? What is PayPal's value to eBay?

    Where is HD's PayPal solution for your Contractor Customers? ... I smell a lot of opportunity slipping by for everybody involved, don't you?

    Just imagine all those happy Home Depot Contractor Customers that close all of those wonderful home improvement deals in mere minutes thanks to another one of Home Depot's Innovations!

    HD's future CSO

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

About Us

My vision is to provide the very best network of Investment & Management resources for myself and for a select group of clients -- beyond the typical Venture Capital firm.

My mission is to manage successful Innovations & Transformations and acquire large capital resources that serve Innovative Growth Strategies, whether the project has a large or less than large footprint... and for a price that is mutually Right.

An articulate, wise, long-term investor is a financial farmer that knows the art of sowing the fields and the How & When to Harvest the Bounty.


In the past 18 years I have enjoyed applying my gifts & passions for others that have benefited from them greatly in the corporate world, now I am interested in Global Wealthbuilding & Philanthropy for myself.

My interests range from millions to billions to yes... trillions, both public & private.

For a glimpse of some of the pet projects I am currently involved in, visit my blogsite at

If anybody wants to hitchhike a ride on some of these ventures, just put your thumb out.


Creating Innovative Big Picture concepts & vehicles -- My passion is creating outside-the-box strategic business solutions, globally.

Mike Masters has over 22 years of diverse senior executive management experience in the areas of Corporate Development, Business Analysis, Performance Management, Sales & Marketing Optimization, Corporate Strategic Planning, and Information Technologies with companies between $5M and $1B in capital value.

I have worked side by side with Bondholders and Senior & Middle Management in Sales, in Operations, and in Finance while working for multiple Chairmen & CEOs during the last three years of relentless turnaround attempts while trying to save my company from financial ruin. During this period I worked with Arthur Andersen, Knox Corporate Development, Kirkland & Messina, Institutional Bond Holders, and Board Members.

My Passion in Business is Simple:

Deliver Revenue Improvement Opportunities & Re-Engineer and Re-Position the Company's Assets & Value Upwards.

If you're interested to know more about what I can offer and bring to the table, pick up the phone and call me so we can talk more, and maybe set up a meeting.

Serious Inquiries Only, ...Please.

Phone: (770) 926-2213

Areas of Strength

  • Relentless Passion to Excel with Others

  • Outside Looking in Visionary

  • Hunter for Best Practices

  • Decision Support Expert

  • Common Sense Oriented

  • Creatively Talented for Turnarounds

  • Expose Hidden Cost & Revenue Opportunities

  • Corporate Development & Incentives

Bottom Line Benefits

Effective strategic leadership, team building, and project management experience–introducing gifted outside-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving analysis to improve processes, operating systems, and methodologies currently in place and turn negatives into positives to exceed business goals and to perpetually delight shareholders and customers.

Management Style

Expose Hidden Cost & Revenue Opportunities

Accustomed to exposing proactive hidden opportunities worth 100s of millions of dollars at the front end of an organization.

 Exposed Rate Quote / Orders conversion to be less than 10% of a 90 day revolving potential Revenue Stream of $95+ million; Implemented Plan through Chairman.
 Proposed & Implemented with Chairman's Special Advisor a Revenue Improvement plan to increase an individual daily $3.5 million revenue stream by 50% by infusing agent bookings to be offset with capacity management efforts.
 Exposed revenue discounting of $76.1 million over a three-year period through data mart analysis resulting in an action plan to increase revenue instead of continuing further cost cutting measures; Implemented Plan through Chairman & his Special Advisor.

Outside Looking in Visionary

Able to obtain and cultivate the company’s value from the customer and shareholder’s perspective.

Hunter for Best Practices

Vigilant in discovering best practices both internally and externally. Does not subscribe to the ‘inside the bubble’ management style.

Corporate Development & Incentives

Able to uncover the growth direction and value proposition of the company, plan the best route, get the right people behind the wheel of the bus, and finally, get everybody on the bus. Next, track the bus’s performance and make adjustments as needed. Once the bus reaches its destination, celebrate with everybody onboard the bus.

Decision Support Expert

There can’t be enough said about Executive Dashboarding. Monitoring multiple daily Key Performance Indicators are absolute musts in today’s decision making process. These performance portals must be available to all functions of executive management and then rolled up to the CEO and board level.

Relentless Passion to Excel with Others

A resourceful, aggressive batter, and strategic quarterback with energetic team players. Comfortable working with high-end turnaround consultants in the $15-50K per month consulting fee range.

Common Sense Oriented

Keep it simple, stupid as much as possible. Keep it transparent and clear. Most of the solutions already reside in the network of the organization. Surveying and listening to this network is fundamental to the drive and direction of the company’s value.

MV World